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Our long industrial experience since 1902 in the manufacture of various weapons and shipbuilding in the factories of the Ottoman Empire in Iraq (Mesopotamia), Syria and Aqaba of Jordan where we built the first light and heavy weapons plant in 1917 until the end of 1919, After completion of the construction of the plant. We returned to Iraq to support the great Iraqi revolution of 1920 that would not have been successful without our participationWe have achieved our goal as a military production plant with the Arabian countries level (Reference)

One more time in Jordan, 88 years later at 2001, we established the first certified aircraft factory, licensed from (ICAO and US Airforce), we continued our aerospace & Defense Industrial work in Jordan from 2001 to 2014 (JAI), where We have achieved our goal as an aerospace and defence production facility with international level.

Today we continue our work in Canada, European countries and Turkey to achieve our highest goal as to reach the aerospace and defence production & designs consultant level internationally, also for the knowhow technology transfer plans.

These obligatory transformations between the countries and our determination to start establishing industry from the beginning in every new transition, from where we stopped before. It has enabled us to stay and exceeding than 115 years until this time and enabled us to understand how to develop our knowledge and surviving inside the critical environments, battle zones and counterterrorism fields.

Being rooted in a human family that has sacrificed its society is something we are proud of. At the same time, it is our responsibility to keep our industrial expertise and innovation to our societies as we can. (Our family tree in Arabic)